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Matthew Turner. Architect.

Matthew Turner and his family from Enduring Domain Architecture
Registered Architect

Architects Registration Board of Victoria member no. 19966


Bachelor of Architecture (hons) 2003.

Deakin University, University of Nottingham UK.


Member Australian Institute of Architects


Member Building Designers Association of Victoria

Matthew has been working in architectural practice since 2001 for both small and large scale firms in Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat and Daylesford on a range of projects from small town amenities facilities to city block sized mega-developments. Amassing a broad scale of experience in design and project management, founding Enduring Domain Architecture has allowed Matthew to indulge his expertise and passion for environmentally sustainable building projects. You can now regularly see Matthew working from his new office in the Flecknoe Building, Ballarat Central.


From an early stage Matthew had an interest in alternative building methods and traditional vernacular design. Matthew first knew he had taken a different fork in the road than most when at university he lumbered in a straw bale and hand puddled mud-brick to a design presentation, much to the bemusement of his peers.


Numerous expeditions were spent studying traditional built environments across Asia and Europe, and six months as part of an international team building a straw bale house, or ‘maison ecologique in a traditional fishing village on the coast of Brittany, France. These were important lessons in discovering how and why different cultures from different parts of the world have evolved their buildings in a certain way, in order to suit their climate and serve physical, cultural and emotional needs.


Matthew has also been an endurance mountain bike racer for ten years, competing in East Timor, Mongolia and around Australia.

Architects Registration Board of Victoria

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