Russian Doll House | Enduring Domain Architecture, Ballarat
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Russian Doll House

Russian Doll House

This unique and challenging project involved constructing an almost entirely new rendered strawbale house over the top of an existing timber kit home with a low flat roof.


The new addition has high pitched truss roofs to accommodate thick ceiling insulation. Any remaining external stud walls were clad in Masterwall for additional insulation. New PVC double-glazed windows all round and general air sealing to the entire building. The owners have installed a heat recovery ventilation system which is ducted throughout the home to remove stale air and recirculate fresh filtered air without losing any heat.


At the time of writing this in the middle of winter, the owners had not yet moved back into the house but the internal air temperature was an even 19 to 21 degrees without any heating running.


This is a strawbale passive house hybrid home with underfloor slab heating powered completely by an array of evacuated tubes. There is also a large ground mounted photovoltaic array to generate most of the homes electricity demands.


This is a very low energy usage house.

Nearing completion and constructed by Per Bernard and owners.


This is the north-west view. The west wall has been left void of windows in order to reduce summer afternoon heat gain. The solar gain is carefully controlled through the north facing windows.

This is the house before.

Believe it or not this is the same view after.



North facing window with built-in window seat recessed into the thickness of the wall.



The kitchen. Big enough for two serious chefs!

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