What we are about

Creating Future Heritage.

Too often in today’s mainstream design and building practices nothing is designed to last, and nothing is designed to meet the real challenges that we face in the era of climate change and housing affordability. Our buildings are making us sick, cost too much to heat and cool, and leave too large an environmental footprint than what can be sustained.

We believe that as architects we have a duty to be creating homes and work places which will provide year-round comfort with little to no net energy consumption, will provide healthy indoor air quality and will makes us feel inspired and hopeful. Most importantly we will leave a legacy so that in generations to come, the buildings that we create now will be valued and as relevant then as they are today.

Creating Future Heritage. That’s what we do.

How we do it

Inspiration from vernacular building typologies to provide climatic, aesthetic and culturally appropriate design solutions.

Integration of building with landscape and careful selection of materials to create sustainable, healthy and beautiful built environments.

Application of appropriate modern technology to enhance comfort, reduce running costs and reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

We conduct thermal performance simulations throughout our design process to inform value for money decisions and ensure the real world performance of a building will be optimized.  

We use current technology in CAD drafting and 3D modelling to produce accurate and interactive presentation and documentation material, including photo renders, walk-throughs and animations.

Working with us

Our clients are assigned their own private webpage where all drawings, animations, renders and photos are uploaded as we progress through the project. This makes it simple to review design progress from your home computer, laptop or smartphone wherever you are at any time. Our 3D digital presentations make explaining the design very easy and accurate.

Our fees are tailored to suit the needs of your project and budget. We aim to provide you with a high value personalised service in an all-inclusive package of work. To discuss how Enduring Domain can help you realise your ideal way of living, please feel free to call or email.

What we do

  • New homes, alterations and additions, small commercial and public buildings.

  • All core architectural services, including site analysis, concept design, construction documentation, contract administration.

  • Planning permits, BAL assessments and energy ratings are all done in-house, and we co-ordinate other consultants as needed.

  • Passive solar design, Passive House design, zero net energy buildings and climate responsive design.

  • Consultation for other builders, architects, designers.

3d model, sketchup, section drawing, scissor truss