Enduring Domain Building Design specialises in creating environmentally sustainable and highly energy efficient places of abode, work and leisure which are both practical and inspiring. These days there are a lot of buzz words being thrown around to get your attention describing something as 'green' this and 'eco' that, but when it comes to creating a truly low-impact building there's a lot more to it than just putting some plants on your roof and having a water tank.

Working with ED is a collaborative process whereby we work very closely with you, the client to develop workable design solutions that will fit your budget and meet your needs. Planning permits, building permits, building codes, that is all very dry and nasty stuff! A necessary evil which we will take care of. However at Enduring Domain good design is our bread and butter and mating the complexities of site, codes, design brief and budget is the challenge that we accept.

We are based between Ballarat and Daylesford and service all the surrounding villages and hamlets of charming Central Victoria. My clients range from young families looking to establish their future-proofed long-term dream home, to city tree-changers and lifestylers wishing to live out their dream of being self-sufficient in the countryside, to investors looking to value-add to their property.

The foundations of Enduring Domain design work are three-fold

Inspiration from vernacular building typologies to provide climatic, aesthetic and culturally appropriate design solutions.

Integration of building with landscape and general site context to create sustainable, healthy and beautiful built environments.

Application of appropriate modern technology to enhance comfort and reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

Enduring Domain provides the traditional Building Design services, but in a fun and interactive way!

Preliminary Services Pre-purchase investigations, siting advice and consultation.

Sketch Design Assessment of site conditions and planning policies, concept design and 2D and 3D presentation materials.

Detail Design Collaborative development of building design, preparation of Planning Permit documents, co-ordination of sub-consultants.

Contract Documentation Preparation of all necessary CAD documentation suitable for tender purposes and Building Permit application.

These are our basic services in a nutshell without wanting to overwhelm you at this stage with what is actually involved in the building procurement process. The truth is, it can be a long, complex and daunting process. ED can offer you a package to go from the starting point with your ideas, and get you to the stage where we are handing over a stack of documents for the builder to get going on your project. We take care of all the permits, co-ordinate other consultants as needed, deal with planners, basically do everything that needs to be done.

Our clients are assigned their own private webpage where all drawings, animations, renders and photos are uploaded as we progress through the project. This makes it simple to review design progress from your home computer, laptop or smartphone wherever you are at any time. Our 3D digital presentations make explaining the design very easy and accurate. We can represent any kind of materials and colours and also simulate natural daylighting at any time of the year. This is a crucial design tool when considering sun penetration for passive winter heating and summer cooling.

Our fees are tailored to suit the needs of your project and budget. We aim to provide you with a high value personalised service in an all inclusive package of work. To discuss how Enduring Domain can help you realise your ideal way of living, please feel free to call or email.

 3d model, sketchup, section drawing, scissor truss