Internal remodelling

31 Davis Street, Creswick


Hi Claire and Russell, welcome to your own Enduring Domain design page! Consider this to be like a digital scrapbook where I can communicate ideas with you in a dynamic format, available online 24 hours a day. I'll post newest items at the top.

alt : 6489PLAN.pdf
alt : 6489PLAN.pdf
alt : 6489PLAN.pdf

Fee proposal

This is a PDF document you can download and print.

The work I am offering to do here will aim to capture your imagination, to put you in the picture of what your home could be like. If you like what you see, we could take it to someone to give an estimate of cost. If not, we could explore some other ideas.

alt : 6489PLAN.pdf

Presentation material

Below are some examples of the type of digital presentation media I prepare to help explain my design ideas in the context of your site. 

Mood images

Here I have started to collect some images with features that could be appropriate for your home, such as the sliding doors, and kitchen and dining spaces which seamlessly connect to an outdoor living space.