New Residence at

122 Hickman Street, Ballarat


This is the digital scrapbook for one of my clients new home. It is an example of what I can produce for you. It shows the development of the project beginning with some inspiration images of other buildings and then documents the design development process. Newest content will be posted at the top.

3D Virtual Reality Model

Puts you in the drivers seat to explore your building design in real time.

Developed 3D renderings

Design Development

alt : 6489PLAN.pdf

3D Model animation

Kitchen inspiration

Design Development based on client feedback

alt : 6489PLAN.pdf
Saw this building out on a ride near Vaughn Springs. Reminded me of the form of our main building.

Saw this building out on a ride near Vaughn Springs. Reminded me of the form of our main building.

Preliminary drawings

From the clients brief and gathering of ideas from other relevant projects I prepare a floor plan on the site and some basic 3D images to describe the design intent.

alt : 6489PLAN.pdf

Pergolas/ outdoor rooms etc

Below are examples of the extensive 'Limonai' lemon tree terraces on the slopes of Lake del Garda in Northern Italy. In Summer the trees are in full bloom, thriving and creating cool shade around them. In Winter, shutters are placed over the pergola framework to protect the trees from frost, while the masonry pillars absorb heat from the sun and create a warmer micro-climate to keep the trees alive.

An outdoor room can be formed without too much solid architecture. It could be as simple as providing a sparse structure overhead to define a volume and to also grow vines, fix shading battens, hang baskets, drop blinds, anything to enhance the aesthetics of the space or to adjust the micro-climate around the building depending on the season.


Presentation material

Below are some examples of the type of digital presentation media I prepare to help explain my design ideas in the context of your site. 


Click on the image to see more.

Click on the image to see more.

Industrial Retro interiors