35 Beech Forest-Lavers Hill Road

Hi Rachel and Ross, welcome to your own Enduring Domain design page! Consider this to be like a digital scrapbook where I can communicate ideas with you in a dynamic format, available online 24 hours a day. I'll post newest items at the top.


Floor Plan

alt : 6489PLAN.pdf

The two driving criteria of the layout are 1. Allow north facing light into at least the living areas, 2. Capture the view to the south. This is the reason for having the living area spanning the full width of the building, and having both a north-facing and south-facing aspect. Getting the winter sun into the building (when the sun is shining) will be crucial to help keep the building warm and dry, and light filled. So in the one room we can have that warming sun coming in while looking out the south windows into the view. The best of both worlds!

Windows are kept pretty minimal elsewhere to limit the hot afternoon sun coming in, and also to avoid heat loss all the rest of the time. The balance of light, view and cosiness is what we are after.

The entry courtyard is a place to work on the bikes and wash them, with a more secure covered storage area under the main roof which can be closed off at the end of the day.

The bathroom/ laundry is nice and close to the front door to clean up after a muddy ride.

The kitchen is central and close to the front door, and you can be part of the action when in the kitchen seeing everything that is going on.

The bedroom gets a corner window with the view long view beside the trees and also faces the deck.

Animation of option 1

Option 1

This option is more of your country cabin look, with gable pitched roofs, verandah out the back. Timber cladding and corrugated iron roof. Small porch roof out the front to keep the summer sun out of the living room.

Option 2

The same as option 1 but the back verandah kicks up to get a taller view to the trees. Box gutter between the main roof and verandah roof.

Option 3

A more contemporary style with 2 skillion roofs pitching up towards the south and west. These provide shade to the north facing living area and a taller covered rear deck area with increased views to the trees.

Service courtyard


I'm thinking we can create an enclosed front courtyard area where you can dump the muddy bikes, and wash them and tinker with them. A metal pipe bike rack at one end to hang the saddles over, hose fixed to the wall, drainage grate through the paving. We could make the courtyard fencing out of old steel reinforcement mesh left to go rusty, then grow some creepers over it.

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